Annual Rentals

Are you moving to the Grand Strand area, need a change of living quarters, or looking for a rental manager for your single dwelling or multiple unit complex?
If the answer is yes, you have come to the right place.

View, some of our current rental inventory available

Property owner looking for services...The Noble Company of South Carolina, LLC, provides rental services to owner/clients by working as the rental agent/landlord. Our services for the owner include all advertising for prospective property, tenant screening, approval, legal compliance of applicable local & state law, collections, monthly owner financial reporting, maintenance scheduling, and lease ending reconciliation to tenant/customer and owner/client.

As in many states, leasing residential property in South Carolina requires observance of specific state civil law. Our compliance and knowledge in this area is a benefit to the owner/client. Accurate interpretation of how to proceed under the law and timing is vital to the success of residential rentals in South Carolina and how it impacts the owner.

Call us today at 843-449-6625 to discuss your property or see our Request for Service Proposal.

If you have recently purchased rental property along the Grand Strand, why not let The Noble Company assist you with the management of your property?

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